Geothermal Energy

Historically most building structures are heated with forced air, with the second method being radient heat. Geothermal is an exotic form of alternative building energy. The International Geothermal Association estimates that projects will reach 19,000 MW worldwide by 2015.

What’s driving businesses to choose geothermal?

1) Generous tax incentives that bring down the costs of installing a geo thermal system

2) Clear advantage of miniscule monthly heating-and-cooling charges

3) Environmental benefits

The installation costs for a geothermal system is about twice that of a traditional forced-air or radiant-heat system. Once installed, the system only requires an electric pump to distribute heating and cooling. Operating costs are about 30 percent of what a traditional system would costs. A commercial building will likely qualify for LEED certification. These systems are efficient in all type of climates.

A geothermal system and a green roof can go together hand to hand, and has the potential to save building owners thousands in the long run. Personally, I would start by greening a roof system, because a roof is the most important part of a building in my opinion. The first step would be to find building contractors that work with these types of systems and go from there.