Thomasville, GA Eco Green Real Estate

First Eco Green Real Estate Agent in Thomasville, Georgia

Thomasville, GA - Marlene Bienes is the first eco green real estate agent in Thomasville, GA. For years she has successfully helped clients find the perfect home that not only meets their needs, but their budget as well. Not only does she serve Thomasville, but South Georgia, and it’s surrounding areas of Valdosta, and Cairo.

Her knowledge, professionalism, and expertise in green homes, separates her from other agents in the South, GA area.

Green Home’s in Thomasville, GA


Why buy a green home?  Buying a green home is an excellent investment, and offers numerous benefits. A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste and is healthier for the people living inside compared to a standard home. Residential cooling and heating alone make up 20% of the United States’ yearly energy use. Throw in household lighting, appliances, and other electronic equipment, and homes are clearly a major source of energy consumption. Alternative green homes use 40% less energy than comparable standard homes.

Marlene Bienes is the first eco green real estate agent @ Rose City Realty, Inc. serving the South Georgia Area!
Make Your Next Move a Smooth Move.

Go Green! With Marlene! 

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 Thomasville – Valdosta – Cairo

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