General Maintenance of a Garden Roof

Maintaning a Garden Roof

A garden roof is relatively low maintenance, however it does require a small amount of maintenance (especially in the early stages).  The beauty and benefits offered by garden roofs are well worth the initial maintenance required.

In general the maintenance procedure that is carried out in the first year after installing a garden roof involves:

  • Removing excess plant material
  • Fixing any plant system problem
  • Replacing failed plants (if more than 5% of the entire installed lot)
  • Applying nutrients
  • Removing dead flower tips (mowing and pruning will have to be done extra in case of intensive roofs)
  • Checking drainage and outlets
  • Applying irrigation for each plant type (only for intensive roofs)
  • Replenishing settled substrate

When it comes to your garden roof, it is important to remember the three R’s.

Remember these three R’s:

1) Removing

2) Replacing

3) Replenishing

Following these simple steps will ensure that your roof is in excellent condition.