First City Owned Green Roof in the Southeast

The First City Owned Green Roof in Georgia.

Atlanta GA - Since 2003, the patio outside Atlanta City Hall’s fifth floor cafeteria has been home to the first city-owned green roof in the Southeast.

Some facts about the green roof

227,770 pounds of material added
Over 2,800 plants used, 31 Species used
Soil ranges from 3 to 10 inches

The green roof is actually open to employees and the public during the hours of (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Atlanta City Hall is located downtown, adjacent to the State Capitol and the Fulton County Courthouse.

I strongly encourage you to visit the green roof at City Hall. It is truly a one of a kind southern landmark that is worth visiting.

Additional Information

Other Related News in or Around the Metro Atlanta Area  – Atlanta based roofing company goes green. - A roof is donated to a nonprofit organization in Atlanta. - School roof is left to pieces after the storms hit in North Georgia.

If you have a chance to visit the roof, please share your experience with us. Feel free to share your thoughts about your visit with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Roof Green Movement of Georgia

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